Africa Has Never Needed The World | Unisex Tee

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Mama Africa, the cradle of civilization. I felt it was only appropriate to make a tee to honor Mother Africa, she has been robbed of her people, land and resources by foreign invaders but still remains firm as the most valuable piece of real estate on the planet! Sh*thole countries?! Neva!

This design was a lot more intensive than any of my other designs and more costly. I always try to remain competitive while providing you guys with the best printing and materials possible and that is why this design costs a few $$ more than the others.

I am also printing this one because so many of you on my social media handles have requested it. I'm excited that you all are excited as we honor and celebrate a continent that has given and continues to give the world so much!

***Greetings all, due an increased demand and also the on going global pandemic which is affecting delivery and supply chains across all levels all tees are currently on a 2-3 week turnaround. We hope to resume our normal shipping time frame soon. Thank you for your patience with our process

~Blessings, Nandi | TLBTees
Color: Black
100% combed ring-spun cotton

S-- 36"
L-- 44"
XL-- 48"

 * * * Please be aware that all of our shirt run on the smaller side. It is encouraged to order a size up from your normal size if you do not prefer form fitting clothing * * *